Born in new Delhi in 1972

B.F.A, Jamia Millia University(1992-1996)

Studio art the University of California, Berkeley (U.C .Extension) San Francisco, CA 1998 -2000

At California conducted courses in Mixed Media painting and assisted in studio art for certificate level students (1999-2000)                                                                


ARTIST OF THE YEAR, Chives Studio    DELHI 2009

Department of Culture, Junior Research Fellowship,

Government of India 2000 – 2002

Jawaharlal Nehru Trust, Nehru Research Associate, 1998 – 2000

ART fairs



India art fair New Delhi 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

Chennai art fair, Chennai 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Bombay art fair Mumbai 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Chives Studio ARTIST OF THE YEAR, Olive bar Delhi 2009

Dubai Art Fair, Dubai 2008

Singapore Art Fair, Indigo Blue Art Singapore, 2008

Asian Fair, Tokyo, 2007 


PERMEATING THE FISSURE   India art fair n delhi 2015

The shape things will take   curated by prima kurien  gallery espace 2014

Works from 1997 to 2014 a retrospective new Delhi vies a vies gallery 2014

The skin art forum gallery Chennai 2012

The skin and the surface gallery beyond Bombay 2011

Amman Hotel Evolution. New Delhi Feb 2011

Apparel Gallery Germination, Bangalore 2010

Apparel Gallery Germination, Chennai 2010

APPARAO Gallery, Symbiosis’s 2010

Kalka Art Complex, Goa 2009

Kerkira Art Gallery, Goa 2009


Art consult, Symbiosis’s New Delhi 2009

Alliance Françoise de Delhi, ALTER EGO   NEW DELHI India 2008

Takashimaya, Tokyo, Japan 2007

Jahangir Art gallery, THE EMBRYO, Mumbai, India2004

Art incite EMBRYO, New Delhi, India2003

Art inc.INDELIBLE IMPRINTS New Delhi, India2002?

Apparao gallery, PARADOX Chennai, India2001

Art inc. PARADOX New Delhi, India2001

Kala Art Gallery, MARKINGS ON THE WALL San Francisco, CA2000

Vis-à-Vis Art & Design Centre New Delhi, India2000

Modern Primitive Gallery  Atlanta, GA1999

Roy G Biv Gallery Columbus, Ohio, 1997

ANZ Grindlays Bank New Delhi, India1997


W.A.R at American Center  by engendered galery 2014

COMBINES   Gallery Beyond bombay 2014

DRAWING 2014  ; 7 decades of indian drawing  at Gallery espace IGNCA NEW DELHI 2014

Sheri at The American Centre new Delhi 2013 

ART KONSULT integrated inception 2013 

Resist a protest through art and culture by Engendered. Conceived by Myna Mukherjee, artist outreach. By Georgina Maddox at shapurjat gallery

Whole Smite Rajgarhia-Bhatt, Indigo Blue Art Singapore, May 2010

Delineating today Prima Kurien The Mint, 2009

ARTFORUS gallery, June 2008

Assembled voices Travancore house, Meena Varma ARTFORUS gallery, June 2008

Delineating today Prima Kurien the Mint, 2009

The body as vessel Geeti Sen, Art Alive, April 2009

Whole Smriti Rajgarhia-Bhatt, Indigo Blue Art Singapore, May 2010


Weston HOTEL Hyderabad  2011

Artist Workshop by Art and Deal, Orissa Jan  2009

Artist workshop by gallery Threshold,  at Bali, Indonesia 2006

Japanese Printmaking San Francisco, CA2000

Walden Pond Painting Workshop, Cochin cereal Jan 2011

Sculptor Workshop by Gallery Beyond, Goa feb2010

Series of Painting workshops, Goa 2010

Diploma in computer aided graphic design, Zed academy, Delhi1999 

Photographic Silk Screen techniques San Francisco, CA1999

The Art of Color Printmaking Berkeley, CA1998

Die fusion Transfer Techniques, Atlanta College of Art Atlanta, GA1998

Summer Mixed Media Painting Berkeley, CA1996


Puneet Kaushik is currently working from his studio in New Delhi, India. He has been an Art Consultant for internet companies in Atlanta, SanFrancisco.

He has designed for Handicraft and Handloom Co-operation of India Ltd.; and Central Cottage Industries Co-operation of India Ltd.; (1992-94).

He also developed furniture designs, for interiors of embassies, private residences and work places. He started his career as an Illustrator for magazines at Media Transasia Ltd.